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improving corporate performance

Strategic Consulting has over 25 years of experience advising business owners and leaders across many industries

Strategic Consulting (SC) is a management consulting firm that advises business owners and leaders on how to improve corporate performance and deal with difficult company challenges. The consultancy was founded in 2017 to help mid-sized companies in Minnesota flourish, but SC also has thousands of hours of experience advising managers at larger companies as well. SC’s services include advising businesses on Strategy & Corporate Finance, Growth & Corporate Development, Business Transformation & Capital Allocation, and Organization & Talent concerns.


The decision to hire a business consultant may not seem like an easy one to make. However, once a business owner learns what they can expect from a business consultant, many realize the decision is actually easier than they thought.

Whether your business is struggling and in need of serious help or you’re healthy and established but want to think of new ways to keep growing, hiring a business consultant is for you.


Keeping tabs on your competitors is a must while running a business. It’s always a smart idea to know what your competitors are up to, such as what new products or services they’ve introduced, what marketing strategies they’re using, and what price point they’re offering. In order for your company to compete most effectively, you must have an understanding of why your competitors are succeeding and what you need to do to keep up with (or ideally, surpass) them.

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